BoDo Connector detail page

BoDo Connector
Bohlen & Doyen GmbH
Image of BoDo Connector
  • Length (m):
  • Max. Load (t):
  • Crane:
    MKG- HMC 541 a8 deck crane, Liebherr 855 and Palfinger PFM 3500 E
  • Propulsion:
    5 point mooring system
  • Year of build:
  • Deck Area:
  • Accommodation details:
    20 persons
  • Cable carousel:
    Project specific mobilisation of static tanks or turn tables
  • A-frame:
    Project specific mobilisation
  • Other:
    Shallow water cable lay barge, engineered for beaching, movements along the cable route by means of a 5-point mooring system
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