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Acta Orion
Acta Marine BV
Image of Acta Orion
  • Type:
    DP2 Construction Support Vessel
  • Length (m):
  • Deck Area (m2):
    Upper deck 545; Tween deck 402
  • Crane:
    5t at 21.50m; 10t at 17.50m constant tension knuckle boom crane
  • Engines:
    CAT 4x 1,200ekW + 1x 800ekW
  • Propulsion:
    Stern 2x 1500kW azimuth; Bow 1x 485kW tunnel 2x 750kW azimuth
  • Year of build:
  • Max water depth:
  • Accommodation details:
    40 single + 20 double cabins
  • Other:
    1x removable boat landing; 1x fast rescue craft; CTV refuelling
  • Speed:
    12 knots
  • Transfer System:
    Ampelmann E-1000
  • Recreation facilities:
    5x offices, gym, 2x saunas, meeting, briefing, conference, smoking, hospital, dayrooms, conference and mess room.
  • Duration at sea:
    30 days
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