Creating new horizons in offshore energy

Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles (formerly VBMS) specialises in subsea power cable installation. The company delivers added value with its robust end-to-end project management and multi-disciplinary grid-to-grid solutions.


We collaborate closely to understand each project’s particular goals and objectives, eliminating time-consuming interfaces to increase overall efficiency. Our focus on quality balanced with cost effectiveness yields consistently high results, while our focus on safety reduces risks to your operations.

To compete in today’s market, any large-scale offshore project needs solid engineering expertise and state-of the-art project management systems.

Safety above all

Boskalis is committed to sound QHSE principles as the key driving force behind a continually improving business. We have engineered an effective safety culture, with management scorecards that aim to improve safe conditions and encourage pro-active behaviour. Our clients rest assured that we aim to eliminate QHSE hazards at source and/or reduce them to as low as practicable.

Engineering expertise

By choosing Boskalis, you’re choosing to trust the industry’s most skilled engineers. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to maintain consistent quality controls. This focus on quality helps to mitigate the inherent risks attached to any offshore project. It’s our focus on expertise and quality that has given us a reputation for delivering solutions on time and within budget.

Specialised vessels

With Boskalis, you’re assured that specialist equipment is available – whatever your project needs may be. Our vessels are specifically designed for laying export cables and array cables. However, if your project has specific challenges, we also design and fabricate special equipment at our private facilities. With our leading edge on innovation, we are proud to meet the challenges that your project provides.

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