Vattenfall Boosts Capacity for Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone

Vattenfall is increasing the capacity for the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone off the UK from 3.6 GW to over 4.2 GW, meaning that an additional 700,000 homes will be powered by the zone, the energy company said.

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This will take place with no extra impact for local residents, with its construction taking place within existing plans, Vattenfall said.

This will take the total of homes powered by the Norfolk wind farms to around 4.6 million and make the Norfolk Zone one of the largest offshore wind zones in the world.

As construction onshore begins in earnest, it is also a chance for local businesses to take advantage of opportunities in the local supply chain, Vattenfall said.

The wind farms in the Norfolk Zone are designed to deliver low cost renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK, using more powerful turbines and world-leading design including a coordinated grid connection, the developer said.

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”We’re really pleased that we’ve been able to increase the capacity of the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone with no additional impact on residents. Along with helping to boost the East Anglian economy with jobs, skills and supply chain opportunities, the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone will power even more UK homes with clean energy while turning the region into a powerhouse of renewable energy,” Rob Anderson, Project Director of Vattenfall’s Norfolk Zone, said.

The Norfolk Zone comprises the Norfolk Vanguard and the Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farms.

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Located 72 kilometres off the Norfolk coast in southeast Britain, the 1.4 GW Norfolk Boreas is the first phase of the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone for which Vattenfall secured a Contract for Difference in July this year.

Subject to a final investment decision, construction on the project will begin next year and the wind farm is expected to produce its first power in 2027.

Norfolk Vanguard is located some 47 kilometres from the Norfolk coast. The wind farm was awarded a Development Consent Order (DCO) in February of this year.

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