VIDEO: Start Up Time at OEEC2022

Start Up Time! The stage program kicks off with an interview with Kirsten Ruiter, Managing Director Buccaneer and Hedi Visscher, Director PortXL. They are the accelerators for sustainable and innovative start-ups. This is followed by five pitches from different start-ups by Daniel Buhagair (Flasc), Ben de Sonneville (Sideshore Technology), Karel Roozen (Next Ocean), Maxim Segeren (Tree Composites) and Eric van Genuchten (Sensing360):

OEEC2022, Start Up Time, Kirsten Ruiter, Buccaneer, Hedi Visscher, PortXL, Daniel Buhagair, FLASC, Ben de Sonneville, Sideshore Technology, Karel Roozen, Next Ocean, Maxim Segeren, Tree Composites, Eric van Genuchten, Sensing360,
  • Flasc provides energy storage devices that can be integrated directly into floating offshore platforms.
  • Sideshore Technology optimises the layout of offshore wind farms – wind turbines, substations, and cables – using project-specific cost models.
  • Next Ocean’s WaveAnalyzer and WavePredictor make use of radar technology to observe the surrounding ocean waves and form a near future prediction of the waves and the resulting ship motions.
  • Tree Composites introduces the TC-Joint, a novel technology based on composite as an alternative to the complex welded joints in multi-membered tubular structures.
  • Sensing360 provides a reliable optical data feed of your rotating assets to improve reliability, availability and efficiency.
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