Paul Schoenmakers, Business Developer at TWD in Navingo Career Podcast.

Paul Schoenmakers, Business Developer at TWD in Navingo Career Podcast

Paul Schoenmakers, Business Developer at TWD was guest in the Navingo Career Podcast to share his journey at TWD so far, his experience working in the offshore energy sector, and how TWD cultivates their open workplace culture.

Paul Schoenmakers, Business Developer at TWD in Navingo Career Podcast.

TWD is a creative engineering company that specializes in designing customized mission equipment and temporary works. They develop practical construction methods that enable contractors to build wind farms, construct bridges, reinforce dikes or expand ports.

At the moment he will be traveling to Japan for TWD for an exciting new adventure. He kicked off his journey at TWD as a Project Designer in 2019. He graduated from TU Delft with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering and a Masters’s degree in Integrated Product Design.

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One year later, Paul was promoted to Business Developer, in which he works closely with clients and assists them in their construction challenges by developing innovative method engineering and equipment design solutions. With almost three years working at TWD, Paul was involved in various key projects, such as 4000t WLL Jacket Lifting Tool, Changhua ILT Installation Frame, Hammock MP Seafastening, and WTG and Foundation Seafastening.

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Paul Schoenmakers with Coco Kossmann in Navingo Career Podcast.