Akrocean to Gauge Winds at Two German North Sea Sites

French offshore monitoring and site assessment service provider Akrocean has won a tender to carry out meteorological measurements at two sites of the German N-10 offshore wind area.

The company will perform monitoring of wind conditions and prepare a report as part of the preliminary investigation of the N-10.1 and N-10.2 sites in the N-10 area in the German North Sea that is part of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency’s (BSH) 2020 area development plan.

The work scope covers two in-situ measurements, each running for at least one year, with two independent measuring devices, which should enable an assessment of the wind and other conditions, including the wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, air pressure, air temperature, and water temperature.

The aim is to generate the most accurate information possible about the wind conditions in the areas in the German North Sea intended for the construction of wind farms in area N-10 of the BSH’s area development plan 2020.

Based on the measurements, Akrocean will produce a final report on the wind conditions in areas N-10.1 and N-10.2 with statistics to be compared with independent reference data.

The N-10.1 and N-10.2 development areas are located northwest of the Albatros and GlobalTech I offshore wind farms, which are already in operation, and border the Europipe I gas pipeline with their southwest flank.

Earlier this year, Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency selected Fugro and VBW Weigt to carry out geophysical investigations and hydrographic surveys at the two wind energy areas as part of the geological preliminary exploration.