Anbaric Pitches Downstate New York Offshore Wind Powerlink

US electric transmission project developer Anbaric has proposed the Downstate Clean Powerlink in response to the New York Independent System Operator’s (NYISO) solicitation for proposed solutions to improve transmission capacity that will deliver energy from New York offshore wind farms to the downstate region.

Illustration (Image source: Ørsted / archive)

The Downstate Clean Powerlink is said to improve downstate New York’s transmission capacity and strengthen the state’s power grid, while delivering locally sourced clean power to communities that have historically been most impacted by the harmful health effects of fossil fuel pollution.

The Downstate Clean Powerlink consists of constructing new facilities, adding new infrastructure, and upgrading existing facilities. The company said that it designed a technologically advanced solution that will deliver offshore wind power efficiently, eliminate concerns of curtailment, and minimize environmental and ratepayer impact.

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Anbaric will partner with communities in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island from the outset of the development of this project to improve grid reliability, advance environmental justice, and ensure equitable access to clean, affordable energy. The company also said that it is committed to working with local skilled trades unions to create hundreds of family-sustaining jobs and bring economic investment to the project communities.

”For too long, historically underserved communities have been burdened with the detrimental air quality and public health impacts of polluting fossil fuel plants. As we transition our electrical grid to renewable energy, we must prioritize bringing clean offshore wind power to these communities. In doing so, we can end the legacy of fossil fuel pollution and finally deliver cleaner air and healthier communities. Anbaric’s ambitious Downstate Clean Powerlink does just that,” said Janice Fuller, President, Mid-Atlantic, Anbaric.

Anbaric submitted the proposal for Downstate Clean Powerlink on 11 October in response to the NYISO’s Long Island Offshore Wind Export Public Policy Transmission Need Project Solicitation. NYISO is seeking proposals that will accommodate 3,000 MW of anticipated offshore wind power to be distributed to the downstate region.