Fraunhofer on Met Duty at German Offshore Wind Zone

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has selected Fraunhofer to carry out meteorological measurements and reporting for the N-9 offshore wind zone in the North Sea.

The aim of the tendered services is to generate the most accurate information possible about the wind conditions in areas N-9.1, N-9.2, N-9.3, and N-9.4, identified in BSH’s Site Development Plan 2020.

Fraunhofer on Met Duty at German Offshore Wind Zone
Source: BSH

The measurements will cover wind-related and other meteorological parameters.

The contract covers the preparation of statistics and reports based on the data collected through the measurements.

Two in-situ measurement campaigns are planned to be carried out across four sites within the N-9 zone with two independent measuring devices. The campaigns will have a duration of at least one year.

The measurements will cover wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, air pressure, air temperature, and water temperature.

The N-9 zone is potentially capable of accommodating 1 GW of offshore wind capacity.

Earlier this year, BSH selected Fraunhofer to carry out geophysical subsoil investigations for the N-9.1, N-9.3, and N-9.4 areas.

Photo: BSH