Germans Pick Met Services Provider for North Sea Wind Zone

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has awarded UL International with a contract to provide meteorological measurement and reporting services at the N-6.7 offshore wind zone in the German North Sea.

The aim is to generate the most accurate information possible about the wind conditions in the area intended for the construction of an offshore wind farm.

BSH plans to carry out a one-year in-situ measurement to enable an assessment of the wind conditions.

The measurement concerns the parameters of wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, air pressure, air temperature and water temperature.

Located some 100km northwest of the island Borkum, the N-6.7 area is expected to support a wind farm with a capacity of up to 270 MW.

If deemed suitable, the N-6.7, and the neighboring 630 MW N-6.6 area, will be tendered in 2024 and put into operation in 2029.

The two areas were identified in BSH’s Surface Development Plan 2019.