RVO Teases IJmuiden Ver Ground Model Tender

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) plans to issue a tender for the development of an integrated ground model for the 4 GW IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone in July.

RVO (archive)

This integrated ground model should be of sufficient accuracy to allow (preliminary) foundation design, RVO said.

The deliverables of this assignment will be made available to the participants in the concession tenders for the IJmuiden Ver offshore wind farm zone at the latest in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The development of an integrated ground model of the Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm zone will be the reference for the Scope of Work, with some possible innovations.

The integrated ground model will be made based on the results of the geophysical work that is currently ongoing in the IJmuiden Ver zone.

The model will then be used as input for the geotechnical campaign which will validate the geological model resulting from the geophysical investigation and to confirm the soil engineering properties required by developers to progress with their geotechnical foundation designs and other general design and installation requirements for the wind farm, as well as those relating to cable installation.

RVO.nl Teases IJmuiden Ver Ground Model Tender
Source: RVO.nl

Located some 62 kilometres off the west coast of the Netherlands, the 400km2 Ijmuiden Ver zone is divided into four sites – IJmuiden Ver I,II, III, and IV.

The Dutch government will issue two tenders for the permits to develop the sites, in 2023 for IJmuiden Ver I and II, and in 2025 for IJmuiden Ver III and IV.