Fugro Gear for Normand Clipper

Fugro Gear for Normand Clipper

Fugro has secured a long-term contract for two remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and a full survey positioning package on Global Marine Group’s Normand Clipper.


Global Marine Group (GMG) is in the process of upgrading the Normand Clipper in preparation for projects this summer.

Both the ROV systems and the survey package will be installed ready for future operations from Fugro’s remote operations centre (ROC) in Aberdeen, Scotland.

As part of the contract, Fugro will provide two Fugro core vehicles (FCVs) from its FCV600 model portfolio.

The FCV600 work-class ROVs will support Normand Clipper across a range of operations, with primary focus on subsea cable-laying for the offshore utilities and renewables markets, Fugro said.

Mike Daniel, Managing Director of Global Offshore, part of the GMG, said: “These two Fugro ROVs form an important part of our wider upgrade and mobilisation plan for the Normand Clipper, ahead of some exciting projects for us in the coming months.”

Once upgraded, GMG will deploy the Normand Clipper on the Kriegers Flak wind farm in the Danish Baltic Sea this summer. The vessel will install the inter-array cables at the 605 MW wind farm.

The Normand Clipper will also work on the Kincardine floating wind farm offshore Scotland. The specialist cable installation vessel will install this wind farm’s remaining inter-array cables.