Offshore Wind Innovators Adds to Latest Challenge

Offshore Wind Innovators, a community for companies active in the Dutch offshore wind industry, has added two new challenges to the latest Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.

In the new round, Van Oord is seeking a robust and cost-effective solution to reduce noise emissions at sea during offshore piling by optimizing the pressure control of the Big Bubble Curtain.

Additionally, TKI Wind op Zee and TKI Maritiem are looking for concepts for CO2 neutral shipping for offshore wind in the area of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) or service operation vessels (SOVs).

The Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge is developed for Dutch SMEs, start-ups and students solving problems of Dutch corporates. It aims to connect business partners looking for out-of-the-box solutions with entrepreneurs presenting the solution the industry is looking for.

The deadline for submitting applications is 10 June and the applicants are asked to come up with solutions ready to use within six months.

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