Ørsted Schedules Hornsea Project Four Talks

Ørsted will host a series of local information events across the East Riding of Yorkshire this month to introduce early-stage proposals for the Hornsea Project Four offshore wind farm.

Hornsea Project Four is a new offshore wind farm which Ørsted is proposing to develop in the North Sea, approximately 65 km off Flamborough Head on the Yorkshire Coast.

Ørsted is investigating an offshore wind farm area for a project of up to 860km2, where up to 180 turbines could be located.

The offshore wind farm area would be located to the west of the Hornsea Project One and Hornsea Project Two, which are currently under construction.

Proposals for Hornsea Project Four are still at a very early stage in the development process, but the company is inviting local residents to attend the information events to find out more about the project, view early plans and to provide initial feedback.

The first round of events will be held from 22 to 27 October. In preparation for the events, a Scoping Report is being prepared which will present desk-based research on the existing onshore and offshore environments in the location of the proposed project.

Further local information events will be held in 2019.

“Proposals for Hornsea Project Four Offshore Wind Farm are still at a very early stage and there is a great deal of consultation and assessment work ahead,'' Stuart Livesey, Project Development Manager at Ørsted, said.

''We’d encourage any interested individuals and groups to attend the events, so they can better understand what is being proposed and the project team can capture their thoughts and comments. Understanding what issues are most important for the local community is key, and the feedback gathered at these events will help us to shape our proposal going forward.”