New Farms Lift E.ON’s Offshore Wind Division

E.ON improved generation at its Offshore Wind/Others division in 2016 by 0.7 billion kWh, mainly due to Amrumbank West wind farm in the German North Sea and Humber Gateway wind farm in the UK North Sea being in operation during the year.

The availability ratio of 96.7 percent in 2016 surpassed the prior-year figure of 94.5 percent, primarily because of a reduction in outages at Robin Rigg offshore wind farm and an improved performance at Amrumbank West and Humber, E.ON said.

The sales and the adjusted EBIT in the company’s Offshore Wind/Others division rose by EUR 105 million and EUR 136 million, respectively, again mainly because Amrumbank West and Humber Gateway wind farms were, for the first time, in operation for the entire year, as well as because of proceeds from asset sales.

The company’s investments through the Offshore Wind/Others division declined by EUR 183 million in 2016 owing to a reduction in expenditures for new-build projects.

E.ON plans to invest a total of EUR 3.6 billion into new projects in 2017, EUR 1.5 billion, or 42% of which will go towards renewable energy projects.

The main focus of renewable energy investments will be on offshore wind farms in Europe such as the Rampion offshore wind farm in the UK and the Arkona offshore wind farm in Germany.

Photo: Illustration. Source: E.ON