DONG Upgrades Tendering System

DONG Energy has added a new category covering geotechnical investigation services in Northern European waters to the DONG Energy’s Tendering System (DETS).

DETS has been established as a scheme in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs of sourcing various services related to offshore wind farms.

The system was originally launched in April 2014 as the DONG Energy’s Qualification & Tendering System (DEQS) and had only one category: project certification services (PCS), in three sub-categories: Danish waters, German waters and UK waters.

Two additional categories, marine warranty surveyor services (MWS) and geophysical investigation services (GPI), both in Northern European waters, were added in August 2015.

The system, which was renamed to DETS in March 2016, was expanded by the category covering geotechnical investigation services (GTI) in October 2016.

Photo: Source: DONG Energy