Denmark to Announce Nearshore Tender Winners on 12 September

The government of Denmark will announce the winners of the nearshore wind farm tender on Monday, 12 September, according to the Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA).

The three pre-qualified bidders – Wpd Hofor Danish Offshore Consortium, European Energy Nearshore Consortium and Vattenfall Vindkraft A/S – submitted their bids on 1 September.

The bidders are competing for the right to build wind farms with a capacity of up to 350MW at five locations.

The locations include Vesterhav Nord, Vesterhav Syd, Sæby, Smålandsfarvandet, and Bornholm.

DWIA’s Director Jan Hylleberg has welcomed the announcement but also warned about the fact that the projects are facing uncertain future given the fact that the government decided to cut its financial support needed for the wind farms to be built.

Hylleberg described the current situation as ”paradoxical” as on Monday we will know who submitted the winning bids, but we will not know the financial construction for the projects and how exactly the Danish government will be involved in it.

Hylleberg hopes that the winning bids will be low enough to encourage politicians and the government to pitch in and provide the necessary funding for the development of the wind farms.

Back in May 2016, Danish Energy Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt and Business and Growth Minister Troels Lund Poulsen presented a proposal for changing the PSO system which killed off the funding for the proposed five nearshore wind farms.

The government decided to cut the funding for the nearshore projects as it deemed the Public Service Obligations (PSO) levy was too high.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Image source: DEA/ archive

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