Friends of the Supergrid in Joint Response to EC

Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG) teamed up with EASE, ECI, ESTELA, EWEA, and E3G to comment in a joint letter on key elements of the European Commission’s public consultation on the new electricity market design.

These leading associations, NGOs and industry groups from Europe’s energy sector share the common objective of promoting the prompt, affordable and green transition of Europe’s energy system.

The signatories of the letter strongly agree with the European Commission that key changes to the market model are needed in order to allow for the integration of a large share of renewables and to foster consumer involvement.

A number of no-regret solutions have to be identified and should be implemented as priorities. Delivering the new energy system in a cost-effective way can only be achieved through enhanced flexibility. Adequate and coordinated European legislation as well as the creation of a predictable and stable market environment will be essential enablers.

In their joint statement they wrote: “Our broad group of signatories knows that delivering the new energy system cost effectively can only be achieved through enhanced flexibility. We believe that such sources of cost savings and flexibility can be delivered through adequate and coordinated European legislation as well as through the provision of a predictable and stable market environment. “

“We recommend that the new market design have a clear and ambitious timeline in order to create an attractive long-term investment climate facilitating the development of the needed infrastructure and to foster the deployment of innovative technologies. Only then can the European Union (EU) succeed in strengthening its leadership in the global energy transition.”

Image: friendsofthesupergrid


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