Fabricom Does Its Magic at Princess Amaliawindpark

On August 31, Fabricom completed the Offshore Wind Modification Services for the Princess Amaliawindpark.

All 60 wind turbines have been provided with a bearing package, which consists of 2 steel supports, a rubber bearing, a top and bottom plate.
The steel supports have been welded to the inside of the foundation of the wind turbines. For each turbine, 24 bearing packages were installed.

Sixty experienced offshore employees (welders, fitters, E&I and supervisors) sailed each day to the wind turbines using 5 crew vessels. The offshore employees made 12 working hours at sea per day. Every project employee was pre-trained (job specific) on shore, which resulted in the successful completion of the modification services, the company emphasized.

Wim Tange, Business Unit Manager Projects, said: “In total, more than 200,000 man hours, 257 Offshore days and over 16,000 Offshore Crew Transfers have been executed safely and without Lost Time Incidents. We are very proud of this performance.”

The Princess Amaliawindpark consists of 60 wind turbines and is positioned in the North Sea, 23 kilometers off the coast of IJmuiden. Since 2008, the wind farm supplies green electricity to 125,000 households.

Image: Fabricom


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