Wind Powers Denmark for 22 Consecutive Hours

From 7 pm on Saturday to 5 pm on Sunday, for 22 consecutive hours, Denmark was being powered by wind energy. For electricity consumers west of Storebælt, the period in which the entire power consumption was covered by wind turbines was even longer – 31 hours.

According to Torsten Hasforth, chief consultant at the Danish Energy Association, several factors have played a role in this weekend’s wind coverage. “It was a combination of a windy spring day, a weekend with low energy consumption and our expansion of wind power, meaning that our own wind turbines have covered all of Denmark’s electricity consumption for almost a day,” said Hasforth.

He added that on Monday morning, everything went back as it was, with wind covering under a tenth of Danish power consumption and power being pulled in from neighboring countries.

Source: Danish Energy Association

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