600 MW Kriegers Flak Project Up for Grabs

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has launched a tendering process for country’s largest offshore wind farm, Kriegers Flak.

The deadline for prequalification for the 600MW project is 1 October 2015, after which up to 10 applicants will be invited to submit the full tender by 8 November 2016.

According to the document published by DEA, the award criteria for bids will be the price per kilowatt-hour.

Recently, Vattenfall won a bid to build 400 MW Horns Rev 3 project off the Danish west coast with a price of 10.31 Eurocent (77 ore) per kWh.

Energinet.dk has been contracted to provide grid connection system for Kriegers Flak worth over EUR 470 million in December 2014. The system is scheduled to go online by the end of 2018.

The contractor is obliged to complete the Baltic Sea project before the end of 2021.

OffshoreWIND staff; Image: energinet.dk