GICON’s Floating Offshore Foundation Stable for Towing

GICON's Floating Offshore Foundation Stable for Towing

The GICON®-SOF Floating Offshore Foundation can be towed at a wave height of 11.5 feet (3.5m) and speeds of up to 7 knots, the latest tests at the former hydraulic engineering and shipbuilding research station at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) have shown.

The tests show that the fully-assembled structure including mounted turbine can be towed to the desired location without the need for a special transportation barge.

“These positive test results mark another major step towards the realization of the Floating Offshore Foundation. They reinforce our confidence to successfully construct and deploy a full-scale model during 2014,” GICON’s CEO Prof. Jochen Grossmann said.

The GICON® SOF Floating Offshore Foundation is an exceptional innovation and provides new opportunities for offshore wind park development. It is designed to contribute to a more cost-effective offshore wind industry and can be deployed in both shallow water (from 65 ft. (20m) onwards) and deep water (up to 1640 ft. (500m)).

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Press release, January 21, 2014; Image: gicon