All Foundations Installed at DanTysk OWF

All Foundations Installed at DanTysk OWF

After nine months of construction, the last one of the 80 foundations for the DanTysk offshore wind farm has been installed.

Cylindrical steel foundations (monopoles), which are 65 metres long and weigh 950 tonnes, were anchored in the seabed using a special hammer. Work was done in water depths of up to 32 metres, 70 km west of the German island Sylt.

To protect noise-sensitive harbour porpoises, newly developed technologies for noise reduction were applied. In this case, the so-called bubble curtain with three rings of air bubbles was used. They were activated before the start of hammering down the monopiles, and the air bubble curtains have proved to be an effective way of mitigating the disturbing sound for the harbour porpoises.


Press release, December 13, 2013; Image: Vattenfall


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