VIDEO: Peter Madsen Rederi at Amrumbank OWF

VIDEO: Peter Madsen Rederi at Amrumbank OWF

Peter Madsen Rederi, a Danish company, has completed scour protection work at Amrumbank offshore wind farm.

In six months of time, four Peter Madsen vessels placed two layers of bags on the seabed, around wind turbine foundations. This required 45,000 bags filled with 60,000 tons of dredged sand, in order to prevent the sea current from washing away the sand around the foundations of the wind turbines, thus ensuring turbine stability.

E.ON is a pioneer in the use of this innovative technology for offshore wind farms. Separating the scour protection from the installation of the foundations has significant logistical advantages and helps to further reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. E.ON’s aim is to reduce the construction and operating cost of offshore wind farms by 40 percent by 2015.

Check out the following video, which shows the work on Amrumbank scour protection:


Offshore WIND Staff, November 25, 2013