Sweden: MMT Fully Equips ROTVs for Geophysical Surveys

Sweden MMT Fully Equips ROTV´s for Geophysical Surveys.

MMT has two remotely operated towed vehicles (ROTV) equipped with various survey equipment for complete geophysical surveys.

MMT has now upgraded the systems to be fully equipped with side scan sonars and sub bottom profilers, in addition to multibeam echo sounders, inertial navigation system and doppler velocity log. This means a complete geophysical survey can be done from this platform in a speed of 6 knots and down to a water depth of 400 meters.

The ROTV is a powerful tool for accurate line keeping during a survey. The system enhances the control of the tow-fish and allows both a constant altitude above the seafloor as well as maintaining the planned survey lines. The ROTV also improves the actual direction of the tow-fish unit which greatly improves the data quality of the side scan sonar.

MMT´s Technical Director Martin Wikmar comments on the purchase: “The fully equipped ROTV´s give our clients high resolution data in a higher speed than using for example a fully equipped ROV in the same water-depth. But still the same high data quality. A cost effective solution for cable route surveys, offshore wind farms surveys and pipeline inspections!”


Press release, October 14, 2013; Image: mmt



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