Converter Platform "Dolwin Alpha" for Windreich’s MEG 1 OWF Installed

Converter Platform ‘Dolwin Alpha’ for Windreich’s MEG 1 OWF Erected

Converter Platform 'Dolwin Alpha' for Windreich’s MEG 1 OWF Erected

The centerpiece for the transport of wind power to be produced by Windreich’s offshore wind farm MEG 1 has been successfully constructed.

“With the construction of the transformer platform ‘DolWin alpha’, 13 kilometers southeast from Windreich’s  MEG 1 wind farm, we have taken a big step forward with the planned construction of the wind farm,” says Willi Balz, founder and sole shareholder of Windreich GmbH. 

TenneT’s 800 MW converter platform ‘DolWin alpha’ is 42m wide, 62m long, and 42m high.

The MEG 1 offshore wind project is located approximately 45 kilometers north of the Borkum Island and will have a total capacity of 400 megawatts. The project comprises 80 tripod supported turbines in water depths ranging between 26.7m and 33.2m. It will supply about 1 million people with clean energy.


Offshore WIND Staff, August 26, 2013; Image: Windreich