BMWi Awards Contract for Implementation and Maintenance of NMMT (Germany)


The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) awarded a contract for the construction and operation of a coordinating body for the implementation and maintenance of the National Master Maritime Technologies plan (“NMMT”) directed towards the promotion and development of maritime technology industry in Germany to Bietergemeinschaft Balance Technology, Consulting GmbH.

Apart from many other things, the aim is a stronger maritime technology network between companies and research institutions to increase the innovation and system capacity or through increased training efforts, the potential of maritime technology industry development.

The governing body for the development and implementation of the NMMT “Task Force NMMT” is composed of representatives of federal ministries (BMWi, BMVBS, BMU and BMBF), the coastal countries and organizations (GMT, VDMA, VSM, Offshore Wind Energy Foundation).

The BMWi is the initial funding of the coordinating body for the first two years, which will gradually withdraw or appropriate for those involved and requiring further assistance in financing for marine technology.


Offshore WIND staff, February 03, 2012