New Chairman of CLC/TC 88 Committee (Belgium)

New Chairman of CLC/TC 88 Committee (Belgium)

Mike Woebbeking, Vice President and Head of Certification Body at GL Renewables Certification, has been appointed to the chairmanship of the CLC/TC 88 Technical Committee of CENELEC (the European Committee for Electrotechnical standardisation).

Alongside his new role as the chairman of the CLC/TC 88 Committee, Mr Woebbeking has also taken over the chairmanship of its German mirror committee the DKE K 383 early this year. Furthermore, he is a member of the IEC’s Maintenance Team 22, as well as the CAC (Certification Advisory Committee).

The technical committees of the technical board of CENELEC are made up of national delegates, who work together on the development of European Standards (ENs), technical specifications, and other normative documents. Formed in 1987 the CLC/TC 88 Committee was established to prepare international standards for wind turbines. The standards developed address design requirements, engineering integrity, measurement techniques and test procedures, concerning all of the subsystems of wind turbines, such as mechanical and internal electrical systems, support structures and control and protection systems. These standards provide a basis for the design, quality assurance and certification of wind turbines.

The Committee has issued a number of publications, including design requirements for offshore and small wind turbines, acoustic noise measurement techniques, wind turbine power performance testing standards, and rules and procedures for conformity testing and certification of wind turbines. Upcoming publications cover updates to the wind turbine design requirements and acoustic noise measurement techniques standards, and design and safety requirements for wind turbine gearboxes. Some 25 countries participate in the Committee including: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Mike Woebbeking is the head of the GL Group’s certification body for wind turbines and wind farms, as well as marine energy and other renewable energy technologies, GL Renewables Certification. He received his degree in civil engineering from the Technical University of Hanover in Germany and is also a European and international welding engineer (EWE / IWE). Mr Woebbeking joined the GL Group in 2001 and has been involved in the certification of wind turbines and the development of guidelines and standards in the field of wind energy for over 10 years. He is the secretary of GL’s Wind Energy Committee and served as project manager for the GL Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines, Edition 2010 as well as the Technical Note for Cold Climate Certification.


Source: gl-group, November 08, 2011