DexaWave Energy Malta Launches Scale Model of Wave Energy Converters Off Marsascala


DexaWave Energy Malta has succesfully launched a 1:10 scale model of its wave energy converters off Zonqor Point in Marsascala.

This model is a scale down of the 60 metre converters that the company plans to deploy off Gozo to convert wave power into electical energy.

Together with its high tech wave data collecting instruments off Gozo, which is supported by the Gharb Local Council by providing space for a base station, the scale model shall further test the company’s concept of wave energy harnessing in Mediterranean waters.

This is the final part of a plan of comprehensive tests by DexaWave Energy Malta, and the purpose of the 7 metre long model is to aid the company to establish what parameters a full scale converter should have.

Following completion of such tests, DexaWave Energy Malta together with Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd (the company which is working very closely with DexaWave Energy Malta on the logistics involved) plan to start building the first full scale converter early 2012.

The project was born when in 2009, during a Malta Enterprise business delegation in Denmark, Euromed Eco Power director Mr. Noel Gauci and DexaWave Denmark Director Mr. Lars Elbaek, discussed the possibility to carry out tests and consider a project in Malta with the aim to supply the Mediterranean with its converters.

The idea was backed by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs, Enemalta and Malta Enterprise. Following such encouraging response, the newly set up DexaWave Energy Malta teamed up with University of Malta departments ISE and IOI-MOC and applied for funding with the Malta Council for Science and Technology. The Council immediately saw the potential and granted €195,000 of funding to carry out the tests in Gozo and Marsascala. This confirmed the Goverment’s commitment towards such projects, and the company itself has so far funded a further €90,000 in the project and plans to invest a total of €3 million by the first half of 2012 to build and test the first full size model.


Source: Dexawave, August 23, 2011;