Garrad Hassan to hold a course about Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Systems (UK)

A one day course for industry professionals who wish to acquire a comprehensive overview of the subject and have the latest technology and issues clearly explained. Grid connections, technical issues and administrative processes are covered, including grid code compliance.

Course Background

For several years Garrad Hassan has been running training courses on Wind Farm Electrical Systems. This year Garrad Hassan is launching its first Offshore focused version of this course to tie in with the BWEA Offshore Wind conference in Liverpool.

Building upon the existing course, and drawing upon Garrad Hassan’s extensive involvement in the electrical design of offshore wind farms across Europe, this course will provide a solid foundation to help developers and operators understand the electrical issues for offshore wind farms.

Garrad Hassan has acted as the technical advisor for more than 21,000 MW of operational wind projects worldwide, both onshore and offshore, including all aspects of electrical engineering. These services include a wide range of expertise from the wind farm project level, operating as Banks and Owners Engineer and advising and assisting with grid connection applications, to the wind turbine level, advising and assisting with the design of turbine electrical drives and systems, to the regulatory level (grid codes and standards).

Electrical issues for wind farms, in particular regulatory and related issues such as grid codes, are critical for wind projects but are not well understood by many in the industry. In addition, the situation changes rapidly and there are significant differences between countries. This course aims to distil the knowledge gained from years of consulting experience to present all the important issues and aspects which are associated with electrical systems related to wind power engineering, both onshore and offshore.

Who should attend?

Developers, lenders, network operators and regulators, turbine suppliers, Balance of Plant contractors, consultants and other professionals who wish to benefit from Garrad Hassan’s technical and commercial knowledge of the electrical aspects of wind power engineering. Garrad Hassan has assumed that attendees will have a technical background, but no specific electrical engineering knowledge is required.


Source: gl-garradhassan, June 10, 2010;