WindDay 2022 detail page

WindDay 2022
  • Date:
    June 16th 2022 until June 16th 2022
  • City:
    1976 EB IJmuiden, Netherlands

Event location

  • Felison Cruise Terminal
  • Cruiseboulevard 10, 1976 EB IJmuiden
  • Netherlands

Both on land and at sea it blows hard and a lot in the Netherlands. That makes the power of the wind essential for our new green economy. Wind is the cheapest source of sustainable energy for a sustainable society and for an industry that can compete in the global market.

While the new cabinet is strongly committed to this transition in terms of ambitions, it increasingly comes down to implementation. How are we going to ensure that all those ambitions become reality? And we still have quite a few challenges. From technical innovations, to finding well-trained professionals and involving citizens even more actively in all the changes they see around them.

The higher the windmills, the higher the yield and the more efficiently we can generate sustainable energy.

At the same time, these tall turbines are icons of the energy transition. And they also catch headwinds – legally, ecologically, socially and sometimes even economically. Because every transition hurts somewhere. This requires much more cooperation from all stakeholders within the sector. Governments, industry, knowledge institutions and citizens joining forces and shouting their passion and enthusiasm for the wind from the rooftops. So that we can continue to build a reliable, affordable and well-functioning energy system.

The WindDay will bring all stakeholders together on June 16 to network, exchange ideas and insights and get started. The inspiring keynotes give their vision and make you think. In the interactive sessions we work together to arrive at concrete solutions. So that you too can continue to work with pleasure on the green economy with your head in the wind and chest forward.

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