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Wind Turbine Towers
  • Date:
    August 27th 2019 until August 28th 2019
  • City:
    Bremen, Germany

Event location

  • Swissotel Bremen
  • Hillmannpl. 20, Bremen, 28195
  • Germany

Wind turbine towers are continuing a trend of growth to meet the needs of rising turbine capacity to further boost energy production. Hub heights need to be increased while cutting down costs for materials at the same time. Advances in Wind Turbine Towers is a technical event for experts in the wind industry and the goal is to push forward technical development for future tower concepts. The conference will deal with current developments, improved technology and new concepts on tubular steel towers, lattice towers, pre-stressed concrete and hybrid towers.

The conference aims to:

  • Explore new tower concepts and recent developments in certification
  • Optimizing construction methods by adapting existing strategies and going new ways
  • Global perspective of the wind industry sector and where it is heading
  • Challenges and opportunities of towers with +160m hub heights
  • Load and control perspective and Sustainability and its impact on tower manufacturing
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