Shoreline Wind at WindEurope Electric City detail page

Shoreline Wind at WindEurope Electric City
  • Date:
    November 23rd 2021 until November 25th 2021
  • City:
    Copenhagen, Denmark

Event location

  • Center Boulevard 5, Copenhagen
  • Denmark

Shoreline Wind is a Norwegian – Danish enterprise SaaS business using intelligent workflow integration and simulation software to design, develop, optimise and execute renewable energy projects. Our solutions have been chosen by the largest energy companies, OEMs and service providers in the offshore wind industry to develop projects and manage construction and operation.


Shoreline Wind offers a full suite of market-leading products, including design simulation, Construction Management, Marine Coordination, Manifesting, Daily Progress Reporting, Work order Management, Resource Management and CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management that integrate with your trusted systems to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects at each stage of your process cycle.


With ground-breaking innovation and vast industry knowledge, our solutions (Design & Execution) have proven to boost productivity, reduce costs while creating the out-of-the-box fit-for-purpose experience the industry is looking for.

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