PWEA2022 Conference detail page

PWEA2022 Conference
  • Date:
    June 13th 2022 until June 15th 2022
  • City:
    05-140 Serock, Poland

Event location

  • Hotel Narvil Conference & Spa
  • ul. Czesława Miłosza 14A, 05-140 Serock
  • Poland

Security and independence were the most important words in recent days. The war in Ukraine has shown how fragile is the energy industry based on fossil fuels imported mainly from Russia – gas, oil, and coal. What will replace Russian coal? The answer to this question is Renewable Energy Sources (RES), especially wind energy, which has been called “the energy of freedom” in recent weeks. During this year’s PWEA2022 Conference in Serock (June 13-15), the key issues and problems of a green energy mix in our country will be discussed.


The development of the entire renewable energy sector is an irreversible process. Many governments across Europe have prioritized the development of green energy sources to reduce emissions and meet international climate goals. However, the ambitions are much broader and include the socio-economic benefits that we can achieve.


The conference of the Polish Wind Energy Association is the largest industry event in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe about wind energy and the development of the energy market in terms of implementation and operation of renewable energy technologies in Poland. The event enables the exchange of experiences and discussion on the use of renewable energy sources in the national economy and the environmental benefits of the transformation towards a low-carbon economy.


The key topics of this year’s conference include: the inevitable climate change and the role of wind energy in the process of energy transformation of our country and Europe, the use of renewable energy for large-scale green hydrogen production, grid connection issues and cPAA investment business prospects. There will also be the topic of offshore wind energy, which is perceived as an important element in ensuring Poland’s energy security in the coming years.


The 3-day PWEA2022 Conference is not only a lot of knowledge and comments from industry experts during discussion panels, but it also includes thematic workshops and report premieres. Every year, the entire wind industry meets in Serock to comment on the current situation and outline ambitious plans for the coming months.


The wind energy sector is developing dynamically and celebrates its successes. An excellent opportunity for this will be the PWEA Conference in Serock on June 13-15, which is a place of discussion for the whole family from the wind industry thanks to a rich PROGRAM. We believe that in June we will meet in Serock with the experience of last year and that we will spend time productively together. More information at:

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