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Pro Tide Finding powerful solutions
  • Date:
    September 29th 2015 until September 30th 2015
  • City:
    Dover, United Kingdom

Event location

  • Western Docks
  • Port of Dover, Dover, CT17 9DQ.
  • United Kingdom

The aim of the conference is to share the findings of the Pro-Tide pilot schemes with regards to the planning, development and operation of tidal energy installations. The wider tidal energy sector is invited to share their knowledge and debate further opportunities to exploit low head and low flow tidal energy to make it commercially viable and to reduce the environmental impact. Pro-Tide is an Interreg IVB funded European project that aims to further develop the use of tidal energy systems in North West Europe, focusing on innovative systems operating at sites with small differences in tide levels and/or low flow rates. It is different from other tidal energy projects because of its focus on systems which may be suitable for near-shore locations, estuaries, tidal rivers and coastal defence infrastructure.


More info: pro-tide

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