Offshore wind energy – an opportunity for the Polish economy

Warsaw, Poland
Feb 27 2017 - Feb 28 2017 | download iCal

Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ) together with industry partners is organizing for the third time the international conference “Offshore wind energy – an opportunity for the Polish economy”, during which the following topics will be discussed:

* Energy potential of the Baltic Sea as the next offshore wind market after the North Sea,

* Development of economic and industry potential in Poland,

* Offshore grids on the Baltic Sea as a tool for building regional energy security and driving down the costs,

* Current investment costs in OWF and prospects of further reduction,

* Creating supply chain for the Polish offshore wind projects,

* Environmental surveys and EIA process for the first offshore wind projects in Poland – analysis of the first environmental decision,

* Administrative procedures in the process of geological and geotechnical research at sea and preparing OWF in Poland to achieve the ready-to-build state,

* Risk analyses and security plans for maritime facilities at the stage of OWF design.

Those and many other topics will be discussed during conference “Offshore wind energy – an opportunity for the Polish economy” which will take place in Warsaw on the February 27th-28th, 2017.


List of participants is available on website, see who is going to attend!

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