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Offshore Foundations
  • Date:
    June 28th 2016 until June 30th 2016
  • City:
    Bremen, Germany

Event location

  • SwissĂ´tel
  • Hillmannplatz 20, Bremen, 28195
  • Germany

Offshore Foundations is a technical event for experts in the wind industry. The goal is to push forward technical development for future foundation concepts. Practical experience, current research and prototypes, will be discussed in order to increase cost-efficiency and to take the next steps towards the full commercialization of the industry.

Join this focused knowledge exchange and:

  • Hear from wind farm owners and suppliers about concession tenders and their impact on foundations design and contracting
  • Improve the potential for XXL monopiles through better understanding of fatigue and material toughness
  • Explore floating foundations and analyse how to come to commercial implementation
  • Discuss current design methodologies and related installation challenges to decrease risk and speed up project time
  • Assess cutting-edge fabrication processes for more cost-efficient foundation production
  • Foundation monitoring to manage structural integrity at minimum costs

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