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Increase Power Output
  • Date:
    October 29th 2012 until October 30th 2012
  • City:
    Sweden , Sweden

Event location

  • Stockholm
  • ., Sweden
  • Sweden

This is the most logic topic in current times. Itis also the most relevant topic if we look at the relation between owner and turbine manufacturer. In short, for the owner, the potential for increasing power output at their wind farms is a black box. They dont know, they dont have the information and are not let in into the parameter settings of their turbines. On the other hand the turbine manufacturer has no incentives for tuning their customers wind farms. Maybe it is explained by that it is much cooler to tell your colleagues that you sold an offshore park then telling them that you have increased power output with 7 % on a wind farm somebody else sold 5 years ago.

More info: ecopoweracademy

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