5th Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum detail page

5th Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum
  • Date:
    May 6th 2020 until May 7th 2020
  • City:
    GERMANY, Germany

Event location

  • ., GERMANY
  • Germany

Leveraging digital innovation for more smart(er) offshore wind O&M offer potential to achieve significant cost savings, enhance performance and reliability.

This annual has been put together to carefully explore how industry experts can leverage the large amounts of data generated by our offshore wind farms to introduce cost saving efficiencies to offshore wind O&M operations. The Forum showcases the best strategies and practices in Offshore wind technology design, operation, maintenance and safety in order to optimize reliability, accessibility, and vessel deployment costs.

Representatives Invited:
• Vice Presidents
• Directors,
• Heads
• Project Managers
• Team Leaders
• Managing Director
• Commercial Manager
• Engineering Manager
• Offshore Operation Specialist
• Business Development Manager
• O&M Engineer
• R&D Project Manager
• Service Specialist

Areas of responsibility:

• Project management
• Technical
• Wind
• Renewable
• Data
• Digitalization
• Forecasting
• Performance
• Monitoring
• Operations
• R&D
• Operation and Maintenance
• Energy Assessment
• Asset
• Innovation
• Technology
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Wind Resource
• Energy Services
• Analytics
• IoT
• Maintenance

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