Ørsted Applies for Four More Permits in Sweden, Planned Offshore Wind Projects Now Total 18 GW

Ørsted has applied for permits to build four more large-scale offshore wind farms in Sweden, in addition to the two projects the developer announced earlier. With the new applications, Ørsted’s Swedish portfolio of potential projects has grown to a combined capacity of 18 GW.

Image map with all Ørsted's offshore wind projects in Sweden

In Sweden, Ørsted is already developing the 1.5 GW Skåne Havsvindpark project and the 1.5 GW Gotland Offshore Wind Farm, planned to be operational by 2029 and 2032, respectively.

Subject to receiving all necessary permits and authorisations, Ørsted aims to deliver the Skåne project as Sweden’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm by 2029, followed by the Gotland projects three years later.

In December 2022, Skåne County Administrative Board approved the Skåne project as eligible for a permit and sent the matter to the Swedish Government for a final decision.

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The developer now said that, with a clear regulatory framework for offshore wind energy in Sweden, four more projects could be delivered over the next ten years.

The new projects for which Ørsted filed permit applications, all planned to be up and running in 2032, are:

  • Kattegat Offshore Wind Farm; Location: offshore Halmstad and Falkenberg; Planned capacity: up to 1.5 GW
  • Baltic Central Offshore Wind Farm ; Location: offshore Karlskrona; Planned capacity: up to 4 GW
  • Gävle Öst and Gävle Väst (Gävle East and Gävle West); Location: Gävle, Ävlkarleby, Tierp and Östhammar; Planned capacity: up to 5.5 GW + 4 GW

According to Ørsted, if the company’s proposed offshore wind farms are built at full scale, they would be able to produce enough electricity to cover more than half of Sweden’s total electricity consumption.

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