Hitachi Energy Gear for Chinese Offshore Wind Farm

Hitachi Energy will supply the WindSTAR™ transformers and high-voltage hybrid switchgear Plug and Switch System (PASS) to the Tuci offshore wind farm project in China.

Developed by China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), the Tuci offshore wind farm is located in the sea area off the northeast coast of Xiangshan, Ningbo city in Zhejiang province.

Targeting an installed capacity of 280 MW, the wind farm will have 35 wind turbines, each with an 8 MW capacity, and transmit power to shore with a 66 kV submarine cable connected to the onshore booster station.

The 66 kV WindSTAR power transformers and the 72.5 kV high-voltage hybrid switchgears PASS M00-Wind, both part of Hitachi Energy’s OceaniQ™ portfolio for offshore applications, will be installed in each turbine.

The solutions will help achieve longer transmission distances, reduce losses, and enable the cost-effective operation of the offshore wind farm, Hitachi Energy said.

Both OceaniQ™ solutions are said to be specially designed to fit inside the narrow space of a wind turbine and address the challenges of the offshore environment. According to Hitachi Energy, the compact equipment can withstand strong vibrations, sudden movements, corrosion, and salt mists.

WindSTAR transformers are described as eco-efficient and fire safe by using biodegradable ester fluids as an insulation liquid. The hybrid switchgear is the first of its kind to enable the collection grid between the wind towers to operate at 66 kV, which typically operates at 35 kV, Hitachi Energy said.

The PASS M00-Wind can be further integrated with a digital motor drive and local control cabinet with built-in intelligence for monitoring and diagnostics.

”As a global technology leader, Hitachi Energy provides a comprehensive portfolio of transformers and high-voltage products to overcome the complexities of the offshore wind power system, help withstand the harsh offshore environment and integrate large-scale renewable energy,” said Gustavo Luengo, Global Product Group Manager Power Transformers at Hitachi Energy.

”We are pleased to work on this project with customers to deploy advanced solutions at the 66 kV level for the Tuci offshore wind project, jointly accelerating the development of clean energy in China.”

The Tuci offshore wind power project is set to be completed and operational by the end of 2022 and have an estimated annual power generation of around 840 million kWh.

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Photo: Hitachi Energy