Ramboll Gets to Work on VindØ Energy Island

Ramboll has secured a contract to carry out studies of the possible activities on the VindØ artificial energy island which will be located in the Danish part of the North Sea.

Ramboll is studying the possibilities of developing large Power-to-X (PtX) facilities where power from wind farms is converted to products such as hydrogen and ammonia to be used in shipping and industry.

The company is also studying the feasibility of a data center on the energy island and is evaluating flexibility solutions in the form of energy storage, ranging from short-term storage in batteries to storage solutions that may absorb and store power over longer periods.

For example, activities such as electrolysis and PtX will produce a significant amount of heat as a by-product and Ramboll is studying different solutions to utilize this for the benefit of the energy island and society as a whole.

Furthermore, the Copenhagen-headquartered company is investigating different options for utilizing the island’s port, which could be used as a service point for fishing vessels, Danish Coast Guard vessels, environmental monitoring vessels, etc.

The VindØ consortium comprises two of Denmark’s largest pension funds, PensionDanmark and PFA, and Denmark’s largest utility company, Andel.

The artificial island, made of submersible concrete boxes, is planned to be built in the Danish part of the North Sea, around 100 km from land by 2030.

Photo: VindØ