Meet top employers at the Navingo Career Event

The Navingo Career Event takes place on Thursday the 28th of May at the RDM Rotterdam – Onderzeebootloods. Employers will be meeting jobseekers once again to discuss vacancies and career opportunities. Visitors will get a chance to talk to companies such as TenneT, Feadship and Boskalis, and are able to find a job quickly. Moreover, there is much more to experience on this day where innovation in the maritime, offshore and energy sector take the centre stage. Free registration for visiting the event at www.NavingoCareer.com.

Pilot from Nederlands Loodswezen at Navingo Career Event.

Career options in a dynamic environment

The Navingo Career Event is organized for the fourteenth consecutive year. The RDM Rotterdam – Onderzeebootloods and surrounding terrain offers possibilities for visitors to experience the dynamic maritime world. Both on the quay as on the water. “The energy transition is in full effect and we are noticing, as the participating companies, that offering an experience is very important to our visitors to get a better picture of what this means exactly”, says Anne Visser, Operational Director of Navingo. “Jobseekers and those that are interested are for example able to sail along with several different boat trips. This way you will get a much better picture of what exactly you will be doing once you end up in this innovative sector”.

Visitors at the outdoor area at the Navingo Career Event.

Discover, experience and network

Visiting the Navingo Career Event is also interesting for those that want to stay up-to-date of the latest developments. Visitors can attend several showcases in which professionals take the stage. They will talk about their activities and impressive projects in for example yacht building or the energy transition. Finally, visitors can have their CV’s checked, participate in skill-sessions and network during the free after party. “The success of the energy transition depends on the people that put their passion, talent and enthusiasm in it and we will only accomplish it if we all work together. The Navingo Career Event shows how individuals both as new employees and in their existing roles can contribute to this. If you are part of this sector, you cannot miss this event. The entire industry comes together here”, says Anne Visser.

The Navingo Career Event

Last year more than 2.500 people visited the event where approximately 100 companies presented themselves. The companies present on the 28th of May 2020, such as Loodswezen, Chemgas, Multraship, Ministery of Defense, DEME, Koole Terminals, FMJ Group and Kenz Figee are eager to talk to jobseekers of all levels. The Navingo Career Event is the largest career event in the maritime, offshore and energy sector in Europa. For more information or registration for the event, visit: www.NavingoCareer.com or stay up-to-date through social media @navingocareer.