Ampelmann Adds 7 Offshore Access Systems to Its Fleet

Ampelmann and Seaqualize Developing Balanced Gangway Prototype

Ampelmann and Seaqualize have established a partnership to develop a new full scale balanced gangway prototype to be tested offshore.

The two companies are working on developing what is described as a more efficient, durable and greener offshore gangway, including the patented Seaqualize balancing system.

Image Source: Ampelmann

The balancing system ensures that the static movement is passively balanced in all angles and for all load cases by reducing luffing power consumption for compensation of the gangway with about 95 percent, Seaqualize said.

The innovation has been simulated and tested at scale, and is now ready to be implemented in a full scale prototype.

In order to fully implement the prototype technology, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs granted a top sector energy subsidy to the project. Together with the research institutes MARIN and ECN, the partners will use the RVO subsidy for reducing the power consumption of offshore access systems.

The four partners are in the process of testing the concept design, engineering and fabricating the prototype, and preparing for the final prototype tests offshore expected to be finished next summer.