First Offers for Kriegers Flak Filed, Final Bidding in November

Deadline for submitting the first indicative offers for the construction of Danish Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm has closed today, in preparation for the final tenders to be submitted by 8 November. 

The first indicative offers include a tender price, input to negotiations, letter of intent from a recognized financial institution, insurance company, or similar organisation, and information on the type of turbine and foundation type likely to be used in the project. Bidders may include several types, if they have not yet decided on the final type.

Along with the first indicative offers, bidders are required to submit the document regarding items for negotiation. According to the Agency’s time schedule for the tendering procedure, negotiations with the bidders will be held in May.

After the negotiations are completed, the bidders must submit their best and final offer on the basis of the revised tender material submitted by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

The deadline for submitting the best and final offer is expected to be 8 November, 2016.

The date will be finally fixed in the final tender material, scheduled to be published in June 2016 and sent to the bidders which have issued first indicative offers and taken part in the negotiations.

Since it published the first tender details in November 2015, after a delay of more than a month, the DEA has opened a question period for the bidders regarding the tender material, to ensure that all of them have been given the same information at the time of submission of first indicative offers. The question period will last until 12 October 2016.

In October last year, the DEA prequalified seven companies and consortia to participate in the tender for the 600MW Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea.

Offshore WIND Staff


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