Baker to Keep an Eye On Mammals at Gode Wind

GeoSea has contracted Baker Consultants Marine to provide underwater noise and marine mammal monitoring and mitigation during the construction phase of the Gode Wind 1 and 2 offshore wind farms.

GeoSea will undertake the foundation installation work for this DONG Energy project, which will see 97 Siemens wind turbines with a total capacity of 582 MW installed in the North Sea, 45km off the German coast. Baker Consultants will provide noise monitoring and noise mitigation advice throughout foundation installation of the 97 monopiles, as well as carrying out harbour porpoise activity monitoring and marine mammal mitigation and reporting on the efficiency of the mitigation strategy. This work begins in April 2015, from when the team will be based in the Netherlands.

Baker to Watch Out for Mammals at Gode Wind (2)The wind turbines are expected to be fully commissioned in the second half of 2016 and, in total, the Gode Wind 1 and 2 wind farms will supply CO2-free power approximately equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 600,000 German households.

Dr Federica Pace, marine technical director at Baker Consultants, said: “Building on our successful work as part of DONG Energy’s Borkum Riffgrund 1 project, we are delighted to be appointed by GeoSea to carry out noise and marine mammal monitoring and mitigation for the Gode Wind 1 and 2 offshore wind farms.”

Image: bakerconsultants
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