Pre-Examination Phase of Dogger Bank Teesside A&B Starts

Anyone wishing to register a relevant representation for Dogger Bank Teesside A&B now has one month to go until the registration is due.


Pre-Examination Phase of Dogger Bank Teesside A&B Starts

Having accepted Forewind’s development consent application for the 1.2GW offshore wind proposal, the Planning Inspectorate has started its pre-examination phase in advance of the formal examination process.

Organisations and individuals wishing to make comments on the application, take part in the examination process or be informed of its progress, are now able to register as an interested party via the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

Registration closes on Thursday 12 June 2014.

The examination phase is likely to start in the third quarter of this year and it should take around six months from then for a recommendation to be forwarded to the Secretary of State to make the final consent decision.

Press Release, May 12, 2014; Image: Forewind