3rd International Conference Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines Nears (Germany)

3rd International Conference Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines Nears (Germany)

Leading industry experts will be present at IQPC’s 3rd International Conference Offshore Foundations, July 3-5, 2013 in Hamburg, where attendees will have an opportunity to find out how which foundation designs offer the greatest potential.

The optimisation of offshore foundations is a key challenge in reducing the overall carbon dioxide emissions and thus making offshore wind more competitive to other renewable energy industries.

Foundation designers have produced a variety of different solutions – monopiles, gravity-based systems, tripods, jackets and innovative solutions like the suction pile foundations. Top speakers from companies such as BARD Engineering GmbH, EWE AG, Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH, REpower Systems SE and many more will share their expertise with conference attendees. Their presentations focus on following central topics:

• 10 case studies of European offshore wind projects
• Challenges and potential of XL monopiles throughout the value chain
• Innovative pile driving and noise mitigation technologies
• Cooperation with German approval authorities and avoiding delays
• Assessment of new tools and processes for more cost-efficient transportation and installation

Additionally, delegates have the opportunity to attend four different workshops on Friday, 5 July 2013:

• A | Advances in offshore foundation design
• B | Efficient planning and approval of offshore foundations
• C | Future challenges for foundation production
• D | Transport and installation – defining the room for improvement


Press release, June 19, 2013; Image: Riffgat