Longyuan Power Convenes 2012 Strategic Principle-focused Conference in Beijing, China

Longyuan Power Convenes 2012 Strategic Principle-focused Conference in Beijing, China

On Jan. 12 – 13, 2012, Longyuan Power convened 2012 strategic principle-focused conference in Beijing. Xie Changjun, President of Longyuan Power, Tao Jianhua, Chairman of Jiangyin Sulong, and Huang Qun, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Longyuan Power, were present and delivered significant speeches.

Company leaders Tian Shicun, Zhang Yuan, Li Hongmei, Fei Zhi, Jia Nansong, He Shen and Zhang Baoquan attended the conference.

During the conference, approval, operation, production safety, and budget plan involved in project implementation were briefed. Conferees of each department in headquarters and affiliationsgave a summary of works in 2011, and gave an account of plans in 2012.

In his conclusion, Xie Changjun said that the company had achieved all goals well in accordance with comprehensive claims of “four guarantees”: Longyuan Power made a breakthrough in oversea exploitation; mastered the core technology of offshore wind power development; firstly established the high-altitude wind farm of low wind speed in China; the number of CDM project registration set a record again; there was an obvious enhancement in capital guarantee and prevention & control ability; the cultivation of talents made a remarkable achievement; Party and spiritual civilization buildings were improved steadily. In general, the company had a bright start for “12th Five-Year Plan” under a rather tough condition andremained optimistic and persistent about growth, he stated.

He pointed out that, generally speaking, during the phase of “12th Five-Year Plan”, China revealed a more staunch determination in structural adjustment of new energy, as well as in energy saving and emission reduction, therefore the new energy were expected to bring Longyuan Power great opportunities: first, new energy industry had a bright future; second, the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant had triggered a structural adjustment of energy worldwide; third, new-energy enterprises were bound to encounter new opportunities by “going abroad”; fourth, the development of offshore wind farm would be sped up. These tendencies, he marked, would be beneficial for company growth in several years.

As to the future plan, Xie Changjun said that in 2012, Longyuan Power should follow “one mainline”, make “two breakthroughs”, complete “three mechanisms”, put “four key points” into practice and achieve “five guarantees” to fulfill seven tasks: first, to enhance post-management and optimize distribution to guarantee quality; second, to strengthen operation management and lower the cost to guarantee profitability; third, to reinforce safety management andimplement responsibilityto guarantee safety in production and growth in quantity of electricity; fourth, to reinforce capital construction management and optimize design to guarantee project quality and achieve the goal for cost of construction; fifth, to enhance talent cultivation and optimize training to satisfy the requirement of company’s rapid expansion; sixth, to enhance Party and spiritual civilization buildings, stay uncorrupted, and build harmonious working environment; seventh, to follow and carry out the central theme of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China , unite staff and beef up the corporate culture building.

Huang Qun said that since 2011, there had been a dramatic change in China’s macroeconomic environment and new-energy exploitation, in this case, the company should think from a different perspective and implement new methods to handle complicated state to eventually achieve success in a larger-scale business and a growth in profit at the same time. As to the preliminary work of 2012, he listed several factors to be underscored: first, to attach great attention to declaration of wind farm projects approved by government; second, to carry out preliminary works flexibly; third, to centralize wind-power integration; fourth, to strictly ensure projects soundness and enhance the process control of preliminary work; fifth, to continually run large projects; sixth, to reinforce preliminary work of offshore wind farm based upon effective risk control; seventh, to vigorously exploit other new energies.

Related persons in charge of all departments at headquarters of Longyuan Power, and 30 affiliations attended this conference.


Offshore WIND staff, January 30, 2012; Image:clypg