Enerpac Provides Accurate Leveling for Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

Enerpac Provides Accurate Leveling for Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

G&G International has awarded Enerpac B.V. the contract to supply high pressure hydraulic equipment for the 30 Transition Pieces of the Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm.

The Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm, located in Borkum (Germany) is currently being developed by German Groups EWE and ENOVA Energiesysteme GmbH & Co.KG and will be completed in 2012.

The foundation structures for the offshore wind turbines will be delivered the upcoming summer of 2012. In order to complete and level the 30 Transition Pieces, Enerpac will deliver lightweight aluminum levelling cylinders and the required pumps and hoses. This high pressure Enerpac hydraulic equipment provides in an accurate and safe way the positioning and levelling of the Transition Pieces of the wind turbines. Enerpac is pleased with their contribution to a wind farm project like Riffgat and using their 10 years of expertise in the on and offshore wind energy market.

The total value of the Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm amounts to 400 million euro’s. The wind farm will surface 6 km² and will provide 108 megawatts. The entire project will literally be anchored to the seabed by the foundation structures supplied by G&G International.

About Enerpac:

Enerpac is the recognized global leader in high-force tools and equipment used in industrial markets and application. With 28 offices in 22 different countries and over 1000 employees Enerpac has global coverage. Enerpac produces thousands of high-pressure hydraulic products that are distributed worldwide. Enerpac focuses on the design of products, from the smallest cylinder to complete PLC-controlled lifting and positioning systems. With worldwide experience, innovative systems solutions and highly reliable products, Enerpac makes sure productivity increases and makes work safer and easier to perform. Enerpac is the preferred choice for providing tools, solutions and systems to the on and offshore wind power industry.


Offshore WIND staff, December 09, 2011; Image: enerpac